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Your mom goes to college! (with Windows Se7en)


There’s too many ‘reviews’ about Windows 7 out there to bother doing my own full fledged “COMPLETE WINDOWS 7 REVIEW, WHY OSX IS STILL THE ONLY THING WE USE AND WE HAVE NO BUSINESS DOING THIS WHATSOEVER!” (see  I’m only doing this to add my little perspective of using one on a netbook.  I’ve also been a Windows user since ’95 and I’ve tested at least one flavor of every operating system they’ve released, including Nautilus (windows ’99) and Longhorn (pre-vista).  I’ve also taken every chance I could get to test other reasonable alternatives to Windows, as I’m very familiar with the disadvantages to using an operating system with over 90% market share.  I’ve found that until OSX becomes a more competitive option (ie: Apple releases a more eclectic line of hardware available to people with sub $1000 budgets or provides support to people who want to run OSX on non-apple hardware) then I submit to you that unless you’re A.) not a service professional that uses Windows because it’s what all of your clients will use and it enables maximum compatibility in networking and in troubleshooting; B.) you are very skilled and knowledgeable (or wish to become so) with the terminal interface of your particular distro and have an impressive command of your operating systems and C.) don’t need to use any proprietary software and all your hardware has open source compatible alternatives that function well enough for you to use them then Windows is your best bet for an OS.

I bit the bullet and loaded Win Se7en on my netbook recently and the process was as smooth as ever before.  I have an official beta key I got a while ago, but I’ve used it a few times so far and they stopped giving them out AFAIK; so you’re just gonna have to use one of Orbit30′s cracks until it’s up for sale, in which case you should only install the most affordable version of Se7en for your budget -or just wait for your crack to fail and find the next working one.  Doesn’t bother me.  Just find a 32-bit (x86) image of Build 7600 and run any number of programs that will load it onto a flash drive and make it bootable for you.  I used MagicIso – mount the Se7en iso and plug in your 4gb+ thumbdrive (some don’t boot right so use a sandisk cruiser or known compatible drive to be sure), then you just use the make bootable feature built in and dump the se7en image onto the drive.  Boot, configure, install, done.

Here’s a link to the torrent I used to download the proper build of Se7en:

There are plenty other builds that will work just fine, but I like to have confirmed torrents and I can assure you that you’re not missing anything if you get this – he included a good working orbit30 activator for if M$ turned your beta key off and some other simple stuff you don’t need.

Hit me up for a demonoid invite if you need it.

It migrated all my files (including the installers for my programs) and once I finished reinstalling my software and copying my personal files over to the new directories (it creates a complete backup of your windows installation called windows.old) I was good to go.  I also prefer a minimalist OS that, although is feature-full, stays out of my way when it’s business time – which is why I praise Micro$oft for retaining the classic windows theme.

The only real catastrophic change from moving to Se7en from XP, assuming you’ve never touched Vista, is the use of administrative privlidges to run certain processes and the UAC service.  All this means is that certain software will require you to authorize it to run if it’s doing anything that effects system settings.  Minor inconvenience and you can either leave it at the default ‘black out screen and everything I’m doing’ mode, or what I use, the ‘inconvenient pop-up’ mode – or just turn the bastard off…

As far as benefits go, my favorite is the new taskbar.  You can not only re-arrange blocks in the taskbar, but you can ‘pin’ programs to it that stick in that location and minimize to an icon when closed – this replaces the space-eating ‘quick launch’ bar and is exceptionally well done.

As far as performance on my D150 goes, it’s probably a bit slower (due to all the extra stuff I run over xp).  Of course, I’m comparing it to a fresh install of XP, which as everyone knows, if you don’t maintain the registry and clean shit off of it all the time, it bogs down exceptionally.

I’ve been using Se7en on several machines before this one, and I can honestly say that if Win7 has the same problem as XP did of getting ‘dirty’ and needing a cleanup, it’s barely noticible and stays the way it’s at.  It’s consistent.  I still run Auslogics BoostSpeed now and then to keep things at max performance, but I can run Firefox 3 with about 7-10 tabs open, Thunderbird 3beta and an Adobe program like Photoshop or Dreamweaver and while idling still have about half my memory and 3/5 my processor to spare.  I should note that I’ve got 2gb of ram (mandatory for everyone – you’re stupid if you only use 1gb and have room to upgrade – it’s so damn cheap these days – you obviously have no idea what we went through back in the days to get just a second 128mb stick of ram; it was like you had to slay a damn dragon and take out a second mortgage to get one… blah blah </rant>) and I also run GMABooster (it’s free but if you donate anything, like $5, then he gives you an activation key that keeps it from turning itself off and mandating that you re-download it every week).

I’m about out of words for this right now, comment back if I need to elaborate on something.  Hope this helps somebody make a decision about Se7en, even if it’s just an opinion (not that I was trying to be persuading).

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Essential Programs

I believe I just finished installing my essential programs list on my windows installation; here’s a rundown:

  • Firefox 3 – browser
  • Thunderbird 3 beta – email
  • Notepad ++ – notepad replacement
  • Damn Nfo Viewer – to view .nfo files
  • GMA Booster – clock netbook’s Intel video chip to 400mhz
  • WinRar – archive tool, .rar .zip extract .iso etc…
  • Magic Disc – mount .isos
  • Utorrent – torrent program
  • Auslogics BoostSpeed – registry cleaner/defrag, disk cleaner/defrag, windows optimizer, tweaks, etc.
  • Combined Community Codec Pack + Media Player Classic – video codecs & light video player
  • Skype – video conferencing
  • Kaspersky Anti-virus – antivirus that doesn’t constantly lock you out and yet still does a good job
  • Microsoft Office 2007 – for word, power point and excel
  • Adobe CS4 Suite:
    • Photoshop
    • Fireworks
    • Illustrator
    • Dreamweaver
    • Flash
    • Acrobat
  • NI MultiSim (Circuit Design Suite) 10 – drafting program for electronic components, just in case

Most of this is free – the stuff that’s not free is ludicrously expensive (except BoostSpeed) and I would recommend free alternatives if you aren’t a professional and can’t justify the expense (or you are a wuss and don’t want to pirate it).

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