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Site Updates

I haven’t made a post / even bothered to check the site in a while, but bear with me because I’ve got a lot of material that I can do a writeup on, I just haven’t had the energy to take pictures and put the kind of QC that I want for my write-ups, but hopefully that changes soon.

I’ve been completely invested in finding work and it’s been really, REALLY rough lately. I’ve always been able to find not just work but good work and I’ve even passed up a few opportunities because I was in college, but now that I have my degree it’s like all that stopped and I can’t even get a chump job as a night auditor or anything. If anyone in Lincoln, NE has any leads you should hit me up – I’m getting worried. Doing sporadic contracts here and there isn’t cutting it.

Long story short, if I can get a job and get a routine going again then I shouldn’t be so stressed out anymore and can invest my leisure time into projects and doing write-ups on them.

Hopefully I can get stuff rolling soon, so look forward to it.


An Email that I sent to the Intercollegate Studies Group about their Civics Quiz.

This is about the civics quiz you can take here.  I contested 2 of their answers.

I have just a few comments on the civics quiz:

#33.  If Taxes = Spending then shouldn’t it most logically result in no debt (the only assumption is that there was no prior debt).  Under the same conditions, however, each person is not taxed equally, nor does the government spend equal amounts on each person (the wealthy are taxed to benefit the un-wealthy), so to state that tax per person = spending per person would be false as well.

#30.  I would like to contest that the best way to ‘stimulate’ the economy is to increase spending.  The quiz verifies that taxation should decrease, however, to simultaneously increase spending would mean to differ the taxation in the form of money supply inflation or through debt, which put serious hampers on economic productivity, even if the cost is delayed for a short time.  Additionally, this implies that government can utilize the money better than individuals who earned it can.
This diverts resources from productive uses and utilizes them in less productive or counter-productive uses.
You also have to consider government’s track record with spending money and it’s effectiveness of utilizing it.  Even if the money the government used was completely free and did not redirect wealth from any other sector of any economy, it could still be counter productive, as, for instance, if they were to ‘bail-out’ a certain sector of the economy (like the auto industry) then that would maintain that industries hold on important assets (like land, factories, resources, people, etc) that are clearly being improperly utilized (otherwise they would not ‘need’ a ‘bailout’) and should be reallocated by the market to more productive uses.

Just some of my thoughts I hope you consider.  Thanks.

Post a comment back if you would like me to elaborate on my position on this.


I just realized that the SMA connectors used in wireless systems in computers are reverse polarity connectors when my SMA right angle connector came in.

It had the wire pointing out of the nut end where the SMA connectors I’ve seen all have the wire pointing out of the bolt end – meaning the connector I bought was completely incompatible with my antenna / U.FL adapter.

I spent $5.20 to order an RP-SMA right angle Male – Female from China, as nobody in this country seems to advertise any for sale….    Expect more delays to my antenna project.